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Oh, You’re Raising a Toddler… Good Luck!

I remember saying to my husband while pregnant that our child would never cry or have tantrums in the toy aisle at Target. I now understand that parenting should involve setting goals for our children rather than trying to confine them, and ourselves to expectations. Expectations are a gamble. Sometimes the cards fall in your favor, and sometimes you lose every round. I feel like that is the mantra of raising a toddler. Lots of wins! Like learning to walk, talk, ABC’s, counting, etc. Yet, the losses seem so draining. I often wonder why I’m left arguing my point to a person less than half my size! Perhaps I’m raising a lawyer.

As parents, we want our kids to be better than us, not mini versions of us, but the best versions of themselves. My husband and I have different experiences in this toddler rearing life mainly because he has way more patience than I do. WAY more. I’m extremely thankful for his ability to calmly diffuse tantrums whether it be our two-year-old, Noah, or myself having a meltdown. While I am more like fire and I envy his cool calm, we do share the same strong desire to raise smart children with morals and good judgment. This common ground brought us to create the “Noah and Blue: Big Lessons for Little Hearts” project.

We began to notice how Noah would light up at storytime and how quickly he memorized lyrics to the classic story rhymes we read to him. We felt like Noah was able to recite books by memory but there were very few moral lessons in those stories for him to retain. We thought it would be awesome to create books, with relatable characters that take our young readers on adventures while learning impactful life lessons. Noah and Blue: Big Lessons for Little Hearts takes the reader through the adventures of Noah and his best friend, a stuffed dinosaur named Blue, as they navigate the toughest hood, Toddlerhood. We hope you and your little ones enjoy our books as much as we enjoyed creating them!

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