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Why do we pour our hearts into this?

To put it simply our purpose is our children. Like so many other parents, we want to raise healthy, compassionate, emotionally and intellectually well rounded little humans. Noah and Blue: Big Lessons for Little Hearts was born out of the desire to create fun stories with digestible moral lessons for young children. We understand that our little ones learn so much during the first few years of life. These formative years are not only when our kids develop literacy and language skills. This is the time when they develop routines, good or bad habits and emotional resilience. This is a crucial time for us as parents to equip our children with all the knowledge, support and tools they will need as they slowly mature into all the greatness we hope, plan, and pray for them to be.

We were inspired to create a book series for young children that would teach important values while creating a fun, safe and loving space for parents to bond with their children during storytime. Our very first life lessons are always learned at home from the people we love the most, our family. Storytime in our household is always a favorite for my husband, myself, our 12-year-old twins and two-year-old son Noah. After hectic days at work, middle school and daycare, storytime before bed is the time we all get to relax and regroup as a family before it all starts again the next day. My husband and I found that reading some of the nursery rhymes or stories we all grew up on do not have particular lessons that we want to teach our children. Or the lessons in the stories are outdated because we live in such a different time and age. With this in mind, we wrote stories based on values that are important to shaping our children into great human beings. Our hope is that the stories touch the hearts and spark curiosity and love of learning in the minds of our children and children worldwide.

Sophia S.

Author & Co-founder

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As parents, our influence is the most important contributor to our children's development.
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Co-Founder / Author / CCO / Mom

When we combine clear and consistent limits with loving empathy—everyone wins.

Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson, Author No Drama Discipline

Rather than simply telling them what to do and demanding that they conform to your requests, you’ll be giving them experiences that strengthen their executive functions and develop skills related to empathy, personal insight, and morality.

Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson, Author No Drama Discipline

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